Alley of Kolkata
Family Drama

Story telling moment of a family captured from an unknown alley in the core of North Kolkata.The eye catching moment in this photo IMO is the boy with that mask,but all his siblings creates the happy surroundings around him to make this moment more dramatic.This is my favorite shot taken on the Independence day of India(15th August 2015).This is a very similar scene one can find in the narrow lanes of Kolkata(Rather u may call it Calcutta which is more lusty in my opinion).

Rope-way girl
Rope-way girl

Girl who makes money by showing her balancing skills on the rope while walking from one end to another in nude feet.This is a risky road show where the rope stays approx 6 ft above from the ground.This photo was taken at Esplande in Kolkata.At this very moment the girl who is well enough skilled in showing balance just lost her balance in staying steady in that little pot of water and showed her annoyed expression on that which in turn seemed to be very sweet indeed.