This sweet girl named Zohab I met near Pretoria Street,Kolkata,was dancing in her mood in an alley of North Kolkata . The time she found me coming with a camera she ran into her house and after so many request she agreed to let me take her picture,but the sad part is after a small conversation with her,her uncle/father (I don’t know) came out and protested as usually the people from this religion do specially in Kolkata. He said to leave that place immediately and even threatened to beat. Feel so silly how they are trying to spread the secularism while being a part of a country like India. Incredible India._DSC8105


They name it religious!


They call it religious,wearing hizab or the cap always,but the religion must be named after humanity , wearing hizab or cap and then taking up the guns or bomb shells doesn’t make them religious,if u living in India then try to respect the country at least where u r born n brought up,don’t ask it to be part of Pakistan,if you wanna join do join without any doubt but don’t dream about parting the Kashmir.It’s a warning from the Indians,don’t ever dream about it.
#noRacism #justAThought

Holi Express

Festival of color: Commonly known as Holi in India.People from all round the corner of this World come here to engage themselves in this beautiful festival and to have a taste of this different kind of culture.Truely India is the incerdible mixture of culture and this festival truely depicts that scenario. Foreigners from different country feel free to get colored and they do enjoy this festival from their heart. Different kinds of color are being used,some is liquid,some is powder and some are blown towards other using baloons.But all together it’s a festival of coloring the people around us and thus spreading the message of happiness and love.These are the happy faces captured through my lens during the Holi festival of 2014 in Kolkata.
For more info about this festival please follow the link:Holi Festival