Relational Shades

Light and Shadow
Relational Shades

School-where we do feel like a jail in our early childhood and when it’s in the early morning it feels like some one woke you up with a heart broken dream left to be completed.This is why almost every time you find them to go to the school holding tightly the hands of their parents,as the try hard to manage them and to make them understand that they don’t want to go,they just want to stay close to them.This early childhood,every little boy and girl loves to play all the day if they have got enough energy to serve this purpose,and when the time to go to school comes they do feel so heart broken that this is the time when they are not gonna play and they have to stay away from their parents.That’s why they hold their hands so tightly.This is a very common picture for all the morning schools meant for the little children.This photo was taken near Bagbazar(Kolkata,India) and this little girl was a student of “Bagbazar Multipurpose School”(For girls).


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