Rikshaw puller

One of the vintage(You may call it Heritage as for your self satisfaction šŸ™‚ ) trnsport system of Kolkata.First it was introduced in Kolkata,rather in Calcutta during the British rule period,but still people love to have a ride on it.They ring the bells in their hand and pulls the rikshaw using their body strength to help us reaching our destination.Whatever the weather condition is, the high time in the summer afternoon,or rain drenched Kolkata streets or chilled winter morning,they are always ready to pull us to the destination we want.Seeing the pain in their eyes while they pull the Rikshaw you may once decide to not avail them as your transport but for kind information,they don’t have any other source of income,even West Bengal government stepped back from withdrawing all these pull rikshaw from the streets in excuse of betterment of traffic.You can find them in the wide open high ways and in the tiny lanes of Kolkata.They too often spend their nights in the footpaths of Kolkata and sometime accidental death also comes in their way during the night time,but still they do love what they do,and we do love our city heritage.


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