Sahil-a boy from the slum area of Kolkata


SAHIL-naam to suna hi hoga 🙂

A hectic day in the streets of Kolkata as it was 2 pm then and the heat of Sun was in full mood to make the people in the streets exhausted.Suddenly I stopped by a place near Esplanade,boy’s were coming from a distance and I wanted to capture them but due to some reason I ended up with nothing in that attempt,but that was meant for something to do after while,I mean to meet Sahil was in my fate today.This boy was a fabulous affair of today’s street hunt for photographs.He introduced himself as “Main hoon Sahil”(I am Sahil) and asked me to take his picture.I turned back and headed towards for some place else but suddenly I thought to talk with that boy again and went there again looking for him,as we shared talks between us I came to know that he loves to play cricket,a fan of MSD(Mahendra Singh Dhoni) and loves watching WWE show(specially for John Cena),though he doesn’t go to school,spends his entire day with his friends in those streets and lanes.A smile from him made me so happy at the end of the day.But still I can see poverty snatching away the education in every corner of our City of Joy,does this really justify this title for our city?


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