Streets of Kolkata

Kolkata Unplugged
Kolkata Unplugged

“TAXI…..” the common prolonged call you can hear in every corner of this city,if you go to the top of any sky high  building in Kolkata you can see almost this scenario,every five to ten minutes you are gonna find at least one yellow taxi rushing towards the destination of the passenger in it or else a passenger is closing the deal to make the taxi driver convinced to go for the place he/she wants.This is one of the common and useful transport of this beautiful city of joy.But now a days they are commonly known as “No Refusal Taxi”,though they are not like that.There is 70% chance you get rejected by the driver to go for your place if you are not agreed to give him the fair he claims,specially in the office hours.Still we love to have a glimpse of TAXI when we are almost exhausted and want to go home as quick as possible with a backrest. 🙂


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