Happily Single

Happily Single
Happily Single

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
Dalai Lama

All you can find in this pic is happiness,freedom,love.The childhood what everybody misses in teenage period of life is for this single thing “Happiness”.This little girl was not playing with her friends,neither she was having some expensive toys in her hands,but that little stick of candy was enough to put the smile on her face,the last rays of the evening was kissing her face like a mother does with lot of affection and love.This pic was taken in a fraction of second as soon as I saw this little girl with a priceless smile as her mother gripped her hand and took her away just after I took the shot(I do feel lucky for having this shot).This girl doesn’t belong from a wealthy family,but that didn’t snatched away the smile from her face.A happy scene like this was more than enough to end a hectic day of photo tour in the streets of Kolkata.
Be happy and spread the word of Happiness in the world like this little girl did.


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