The Mechanic


This photo is taken at Mullick Bazar where different type of car parts are sold and bought,two wheeler or four wheeler whatever the car you are owning,you can modify it by just spending a minimum amount of price.The cars which are accidentally damaged are brought at mullick bazar as a pile for reusing their parts in another car,this bazar or market area is popularly known as the “CHORA BAZAR” of cars in Kolkata as all the illegal buying and selling of cars and car parts are done here.You can easily get in there and have a nice shopping for your car in a cheap rate.This man in the picture was assembling some car parts while I was busy in taking few shots of his work.All the semi circle shaped things you can see in this photo are the parts of car wheel. which are being assembled to make something different with it and then reuse it for another car.


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