I wanna grow up 1s again

Childhood within the bricks
Childhood within the bricks

A scene from the brick factory of Haroa,located in North 24 Parganas of West Bengal.Childhood of this little girl is deprived of education,still this little fella was smiling,but when she realized that her reality is being captured,she ran away,as she didn’t wanted to show the reality to the world.People over here(Who do work here as a labor) are scared to say a single sentence about their life here.The so called “Babu’s” have forbidden them to do so.Even I was also not allowed to take pictures here and even was told by those so called Babu’s to no to note down any of the speech delivered by those poor labor.From a 5 year old little girl to a 50 or 60 year old lady is working there.You just can’t stop your voice to raise against all these scenario.From illegal recruitment of labors to illegal use of coals(which are being used without paying taxes with the help of our corrupted govt itself),everything is going wrong here.
Diseases caused by the dust particles in Brick Factory


6 thoughts on “I wanna grow up 1s again

    1. Spread this photo along with that story as much as you can,as I am new to blogging I am not in touch with so many peoples over here to spread my words but I want my words to reach every corner of the world so that someday we can say proudly that no one is suffering like this anymore.


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